Faction in Action Contest


Faction in Action Contest

Thank you everyone for participating in the August Faction in Action contest. We had a lot of great entries … which makes our job really difficult at picking the winners. We spent the afternoon yesterday looking them all over and discussing the pics that we thought best defined the Faction in Action! The winners were …

• Devin Guerrero’s entry of him rocking some Van Damme splits
• Travis Lang’s entry of him doing a one hand hand stand pushup on a kettle bell
• Sarah Guenther’s entry of her and her friend crusing their WOD at CrossFit 314
• Don Peterson’s entry of he and Breanna Rose working chest at Gold’s Gym
• Paden Stringer’s entry of his girls dead lifting at Strong Gym

We’ve placed the winners all in this album here for everyone to see. Thanks to all for participating … That really makes doing these contests fun for us … and for you. Stay tuned for more contests … There’s more to come right around the corner. Have a great rest of the weekend … and Dominate Your Life!

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